Packing the sleds at the South Camp Inn.

Location: Resolute, Nunavut, Canada

by John Huston

Hi, this is John calling.  It is March 1st 2009. Our location is still in Resolute Bay, Nunavut Territories, Canada.  We did not fly to Ward Hunt Island this morning because of pilots' schedules and overcast weather near our landing area, so we decide to play it conservative and wait for better weather, which will be tomorrow March 2nd. 

So we’ll be up quite early tomorrow and we'll catch a plane right on time, have a nice wide window for landing on Ward Hunt Island.  Looks like to... landing area of this season, so we want to make sure we can get in and play it safe. 

We have some big winds in Resolute last night, probably 30 miles and hour.  Temperatures were around at least 20 degrees below Fahrenheit.  So that’s a bit calmer and Tyler and I have packed our sleds and are just spending some time catching up on our personal lives a little bit today and relaxing. Tyler had a little more sleep last night and his cold is feeling better so that's good news.  And he will be doing the weekly update, which will post on Monday. OK more information coming soon. Everybody is doing well and we're happy to have another day a rest before the expedition starts. Bye.