by Tyler Fish

Hello, this is Tyler calling. The temperature this morning was a -28° F - a little warmer, and even warmer in the PM at -22°F. There was a light breeze all day from East/Northeast. 

We traveled for 8 hours and 20 minutes and set a distance record of 4.7 nautical miles for the day. We are very pleased about that progress. And that means this is about 390 nautical miles left to the North Pole.  As far as the day’s dispatch. I thought I would talk a little bit about how the day progresses. 

When you wake up in the morning you’re feeling really good.  You are warm all over because you've just been sleeping in your sleeping bag and you get out and you really feel like not even that cold outside. You can go outside, go to the bathroom if you want, do stuff in the tent and you feel pretty good. 

But gradually, your feet get colder and colder and colder.  So you start out your day with very cold feet and that’s one of your biggest worries is how to keep your feet from, worst cast scenario, getting frostbite. 

And as the day goes on your feet get warmer and warmer and warmer and you usually end your day with very hot feet. Now the opposite is true with hands.  (This dispatch was interrupted.)

Daily Expedition Data
Date: March 11, 2009
Location: N83° 31.109' W074 12.118'
Time Traveled: 8 hours 20 minutes
Distance Traveled: 4.7 nautical miles
AM Temperature: -28°F
PM Temperature: -22°F
Distance to North Pole: 390 nautical miles