John looking forward.

by Tyler Fish

 Sometimes you wake up in the morning, and you begin going about your day and you're not really sure how it's gonna go and all of a sudden it ends up, you're half the way through the day and you realize that you're just having a good day. That's what happened to me and John; we just had a good day today.
The terrain was for some reason flatter. We were able to ski faster. It was warmer; we were in a good mood and we just went and went and went. We traveled across terrain that was very much like fields separated by low stone walls, except the fields in our cases were snow or ice and the low stone walls were low, blue, ice rubble, lines of ice rubble or maybe snow chunks. So we would have to go over those and then on to the next flat stretch of ice.
There was a wind sort of in our faces all day, but it was warm enough so we were fine with that. And I was able to wear my glasses all day and that's the first day that's been able to happen, so I was pretty happy about that. And for those of you who have been following our blog, you know that we saw polar bear tracks yesterday, it was, and those tracks where fairly fresh. We saw no polar bear tracks today.
All is well here on the ice. We are very pleased with our progress today and as I lay in my sleeping bag right now about 11:15 p.m., the sun has officially gone down for, let me check, it looks like 3 1/2 hours or a little more. But I do not need a headlamp in my tent right now, even if I wanted to read a book. So that what's going on up here on the Arctic Ocean. Thank you very much and have a good evening.

Daily Expedition Data
Date: March 22, 2009
Location: N84° 26.564' W074 40.361'
Time Traveled: 9 hours 30 minutes
Distance Traveled: 6.8 nautical miles
AM Temperature: -16°F
PM Temperature: -12°F
stiff NE breeze (~10 knots)
334 nautical miles to the North Pole