Tyler Fish 5 miles from the pole, exhausted and nauseated.

Date: June 10, 2009    
Location: United States of America

By John Huston

Despite muscles that are still a bit tired, Tyler and I are now pretty much fully re-acclimated to our normal lives at home. It took us about 2 1/2 weeks to gain back all the body weight we had lost on the expedition. Our stomachs are no longer complaining. We are sleeping fairly normally, although plenty of strange dreams about the expedition keep the emotions of our on-ice experience alive.

Following the media circus in early May, Tyler and I both took a few weeks away from the Victorinox North Pole '09 Expedition project to recuperate, rest, relax and reconnect fully with our loved ones.

Tyler is now back at work running the youth-at-risk (Intercept) program for Outward Bound in Ely, MN, where it is sometimes still 40°F during the daytime.

I am back in Chicago, where spring is also cooler than normal and where the play of my favorite baseball team the White Sox seems to be copying the weather.

This summer Tyler and I will write a book about the expedition, pursue a documentary film and do a lot of public speaking. Since our post-expedition lives will not be nearly as interesting as our lives on way to the North Pole, we will not be blogging very often.

In a few weeks we'll post a photo gallery and a few videos from the expedition. We will also redesign the web site a little bit. In the mean time we will post a few news stories and news clips about the expedition. Most of the media coverage has done a pretty good job telling our story.

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Thanks for listening and more to some soon.

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