Poutine Pig

by Tobias Thorleifsson

On Saturday evening, most of us united in Ottawa.

It was a pretty heavy departure from my family who I will not see for a long time. All day today we worked with the equipment, especially boots and skis, at the offices of the largest sporting goods store in Ottawa. All skis and boots are now ready. Throughout the evening we sorted through the 22 duffle bags John and I have inside our hotel room – there’s not too much room in here.

Fat Lunch

Before we set sail on the ice, one of our goals is to put on a few more pounds. For lunch today John and I downed the following menu. Appetizer: The Canadian delicacy ‘poutine’ consisting of fried potatoes, onion rings, melted cheese, and a lot of gravy. Main course: XL Burger (over here an XL burger really is a challenge) We turned down the chocolate milkshake we were offered for dessert. This was not a pleasant lunch for me, John made it through a little better.

Kyle’s arrival is delayed 30 hours.

During lunch we also got the disappointing news that a little snow in Frankfurt has delayed Kyle’s arrival. He now arrives in Ottawa late tomorrow night, instead of this afternoon. So we have postponed our journey onto Iqaluit, Baffin Island a day, until Wednesday. It is important that we travel as one unit and keep tabs on our “modest” amount of luggage.