Hugh’s New Hairdo

by Hugh Dale-Harris

Angutikutat Nunavutmi is what we are – Tall men in Nunavut. Angutikutat who are so very thankful to be here in this amazing territory just days before it’s 14th anniversary on April 1st.

So few people in Canada get to spend time traveling here or better yet living here, and yet it is such an important part of our country. For many outsiders it’s the frontier, the edge, the boundary into extreme wilderness and some of the world’s coldest and harshest environments.

It’s also home to 24-hour sunlight, sastrugi, flexible sea ice, amazing unique wildlife such as muskox and polar bears, and jaw-dropping scenery. All of which we’ll experience in one way or another on our 72-day expedition.

However, for people who live here, these things are a part of every day life. I used to live in Nunavut and I miss those things. I also miss the incredible generosity and support people give each other, which is just a part of everyday life. I was reminded of that during this past week or two of preparations since leaving Ottawa. All four of us feel humbled by the support and hospitality we’ve gotten in Iqaluit and Resolute.

People from these communities have had us over for incredible meals of country foods like caribou and arctic char, helped us source hard to find expedition items, modified some of our clothing, made us fur ruffs, told us hilarious stories, helped us with our dogs, and even provided barber services.

As Angutikutat moving forward on this expedition, without a doubt, a big part of the people of Nunavut will be with us on this amazing adventure. Quanamiq (Thank you).