Unloading the resupply

by John Huston

It’s a happy night in the Bergans of Norway Wiglo tonight. The Wiglo is the name of our tent.

Our long awaited resupply flight has successfully delivered the goods and our wait of three days is now over. We’re celebrating in the tent tonight with some potato chips, salt and vinegar variety. And a special dish, Norwegian fried bacon, which is Toby’s specialty, bacon fried up with taco spices and a few other spicy spices left in all the fat, of course.

It was a bit touch and go the past few days with finding a weather window to get a flight in. And this afternoon and most of the day we finally had some blue sky and some kind of friendly clouds that fade away. But it’s quite a thing to call in a flight when the logistical things are so expensive, and if it comes and it can’t land due to weather, then we end up paying a lot of money. So, we went for it and it all worked out and we’re really happy we don’t have to deal with that again.

Tomorrow we are back on the march happily; we’re tired of sitting here. And we go into Trold Fjord in the next about 50 miles which culminates in a very tight mountain valley that we have to find our way out of, and we’re excited to figure out that puzzle. So thanks to Hugh and Toby today for making a nice area strip and for Kyle for filming everything.

That’s the update today. Thanks for listening everybody. More to come soon.

Daily Data
Date: 4/15/13, Day 16
Location: N78°04', W85°32'
Traveled: 0 hours, 0 miles
Temperatures: 4°F am, 0°F pm