Hugh's New Beard

by John Huston

So far, so good. We are traveling well. Our pace is very good. Our tent routines are forming up. We love our food. Team dynamic is excellent.

Our dogs are happy, friendly and eager, and ski conditions have been awesome. We’re taking it easy schedule-wise and will continue to do so for at least another few days. We basically see these first two weeks as a training period. This allows us to be patient and safe, and work out all the little details that once in place make the foundation for us to travel longer hours. Plus our bodies can go out and fully get into the groove.

No animal sightings yet, but several signs, Arctic fox tracks, lemming tracks, Arctic hare scat and tracks, musk ox tracks, old polar bear tracks, and keenly sighted by Toby, two musk oxen that upon closer inspection turned out to be rocks. We are happy; we’re ready for a big sleep. Today’s afternoon sun drained us pretty good. This place is super beautiful and it feels just awesome to be out.

OK, thanks for listening. Until next time.

Daily Expedition Data
Date: 4/2/13, Day 3
Location: N76'58" W88'58"
Traveled: 6.25 hours, 7.9 miles
Temperature: -20°Fam, -18°Fpm