Toby (left) & John

by John Huston

Today on a nice warm evening, we arrived in Eureka. Eureka is a small weather station and research base staffed by just a few people year round.

It basically looks like a very small town with various buildings, garages, a small boat dock. We are camped on the sea ice just a few hundred yards from there. So this is where we will be resupplying before we head on our big long journey north. And it’s a nice time to rest, give the dogs a break, and to make some plans about how much food and fuel and all the little details for our longest part of the journey which is coming soon. So it feels as we’re kind of half way, even though time wise we’re not half way yet, but it does feel kind of like a halfway point. So, we’re enjoying some relaxation; it’s going to be a real long sleep tonight.

Yesterday we encountered this massive kind of Alpinesque iceberg. We played around there for a little bit; that was pretty fun. Today featured a bunch of wind in the morning in our faces and then we rounded a point and the wind went away and the skiing just turned out to be totally awesome. So we netted 16 nautical miles in only 6 hours and 45 minutes of travel, by far our best ratio yet. Everyone’s happy and healthy. We’re excited for some rest, we’re excited to give our dogs 2 days off here, and we hope you have a good weekend. Thank you.

Toby, Elle, & Napu Speeding into Eureka

Daily Expedition Data
Date: 4/26/13, Day 27
Location: N79°49', W85°55'
Traveled: 6.75 hours, 16 miles
Temperatures: -1°F am, 5°F pm