Guacamole time, first meal at home

Guacamole time, first meal at home

by John Huston

We have all arrived back home and it’s an awesome feeling, as well as strange in many ways.

It’s good to be home and with my family! My wife and I have so much to talk about and to catch up on, but for now it’s just so nice to share the typical little experiences of day-to-day life with each other.

There’s quite a bit of recalibration that takes place when you arrive back home and encounter surroundings and routines that you know well, but haven’t thought about in three months.

The first time I used my computer it took me a few minutes to get the feel of the keyboard and mouse. Our family’s 40-pound, short-haired dog looked absolutely tiny compared to the team’s skijor dogs. Everything outside looks incredibly lush and green. After 65 days of having very little choice in diet, opening the fridge can be overwhelming at first.

My metabolism has slowed down and I feel like I get stuffed too easily now.

My goal is to take the re-entry slowly, once you jump back into the pool fully that wonderful post-expedition glow can vanish quickly. Already the ice of Ellesmere seems a long way away, so I aim to keep a good balance of work, play, and relaxation for the next few weeks.

John will be speaking at a Chicago Voyagers fundraiser on June 20.

John will be speaking at a Chicago Voyagers fundraiser on June 20.

My first public presentation will take place at the Chicago Voyagers Annual Fundraiser next Thursday, June 20, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Northside Bar & Grill (1635 N. Damen Ave, Chicago). More information at:

It’s going to be a fun evening that benefits for a great organization. Admission is $25 (which gets you appetizers and 1 drink). There is a raffle and silent auction, which will include some expedition goodies as well as lots of other items.

Chicago Voyagers empowers at-risk youth through outdoor experiential adventures that foster healthy relationships and responsible behavior. I work with them as an ambassador, visit school groups, and help out however I can. This summer I’ll join a few weekend excursions too.

More to come…