by John Huston

Today is a special day!  The North Pole '09 family grew by a few pounds.  A few minutes after 2:15pm CST today, Tyler Fish and his wife Sarah Lakosky welcomed their first child, a baby boy into the world.  Everyone is happy and healthy.  

Tyler and I are extremely close with our families.  Their support and lifelong inspiration have had an immeasurable influence on our lives and the pursuit of our dreams.  In so many ways this expedition project is an extension of those relationships and values.  

As Tyler and I strive to tell the story of this expedition, with a focus on our mental experience, we will discuss more about the origins of each other's character and about our families.  

Long ski expeditions are more than just plodding over ice surfaces hour after hour and day after day, they are what each person imagines and experiences in their own minds.  It is this experience that we hope to share with your in the coming months.  For us it's safe to say, that in the strange, zone-like mental existence of long distance ski expeditions, few topics will cross our minds more than thoughts and feelings for our families.

More information on Tyler and Sarah's new baby coming soon